Worst Tattoo Clients EXPLAINED⚡The Control Freak -“You missed a spot!”

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My most viewed video (https://youtu.be/w_kaC5295jY) has had many comments from people who don´t quite understand why I said what I said. So I would like to explain some of the worst clients in a tattoo shop, and here is all about “The Control freak”. Remember to Like, Share and Comment, and make sure you click the 🔔


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I am Electric Linda, founder of Attitude Tattoo Studio, one of Norway’s biggest and most well-known tattoo studios. I have been tattooing since 2000. I’ve had the pleasure of tattooing a lot of celebrities like Yosef and Tshawe from Madcon, Hank Von Hell, Mac Miller, Vinni, Omer Bhatti and many more. Over the years I have won over 50 international tattoo awards around the world as a tattoo artist. Read more about me: http://bit.ly/2GW9Dwi



Electric Linda
v/ Attitude Tattoo Studio
Pilestredet 47 A
0350 Oslo



Business inquiries: post@electriclinda.net
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