As you may know I’m working on a really big octopus, and last session was our first.

For those of you who hasn’t read part 1 – click here.

Today we started colouring, and it was so much fun. We have been talking a lot about what colours to use, and we’re gonna do the octopus mostly in red-orange-yellow, and with random dots of light green and purple. Later we’re gonna add a cool sea blue as a spray-background.

Sometimes though people get a cold or the flu, and that happened to my customer a couple of days ago, though she was much better now. Therefore she did not have the strenght to get tattooed as long as we had hoped, but we managed to colour one of the belly-arms 🙂

And I finished the 4 hour session with little white details, just to try and see how it turns out 🙂

Remember to check back soon, cause I’m gonna keep writing about this octopus. Next update will be just before new years eve 🙂

Here’s today’s final result:

Hugs, Electric Linda