I have the privilege of tattooing this very cool girl, and she wants an octopus on almost half of her body. We have been emailing back and forth, had many consultations, sketching, body drawing and so on.
Finally, yesterday, we started the process and did all the lining and some shades.
I’m gonna tell you all about it, and let you follow our process….

First off, we gathered all of the referance we could find from books, photographs and of course Google. Then we did some body drawing, and it looked something like this:

Then I transfered this body sketch to paper, and drew a nicer version of it, so that she could understand what I was doing. I only coloured some of the background, though the whole octopus tattoo itself is going to be fully coloured by the end. It looked like this, and luckily, she liked it. We changed the little error with one of the tentacles though, but it looks kind of cool, right?

Finally, the day came to start tattooing 🙂
First off we had to transfer this sketch to her body, like a stencil. No, it was not easy… 🙂 But we made it!
This is how it looked with the stencil on 🙂

It took some time, but as fast as I am we were able to tattoo all the lines and quite a lot of the shades, too. The lines are not going to be black though, only like guidelines.

6 hours later, the result:

Hope you liked my little Octopus diary 🙂
Stay tuned for our next part, it will be posted right after 21st of december.

Electric Linda