I am, as you might know by now, a Tattoo Artist and quite heavily tattooed. But I am also a mom. A girlfriend. A woman. I met Marius in March of 2013. We decided to move in together in August. Moved from the little grey town called Moss to the Capital City Oslo. For our Housewarming Party, I wanted to show him that I could look like a sophisticated woman, and not the typical “White Trash” Tattoo Artist.

I had felt that way the last years, traveling around the world tattooing and partying. Stuck in an old “alternative” rut, and finally ready to “Glow up”.

I was inspired

A friend of mine recommended a few clothing stores in a more fancy area of the city. She wanted to show me the nicer, more expensive dresses that would fit that “Presidential Wife” look I was aiming for. I had no clue when it came to fashion, I had never even heard of those brand names she mentioned.

Sheep in wolfs’ clothing

I am not known to be super outgoing, actually I am quite shy and careful. Maybe I look like I am tough, but I really am not. My job truly means the world to me, and I am so lucky to make a living from doing what I truly love. I work hard. Really hard. Long hours, every day. Since I am self-employed, I need to have money saved up for rainy days. If I get sick, I don’t get paid, and can’t pay rent. But this particular moment in my life, I had saved up quite an amount to spend on my very first fancy, expensive dress.

Their Reactions


Walking into those stores, was not like I had experienced before. I had gone shopping so many times before, in those “normal”, low-cost stores, without ever experiencing anything like this. At every store we went in to, the staff didn’t even say hello. I felt like they were looking at a monster, a freak that didn’t belong there at all. I was not welcome!

After several stores with this reaction, I finally just didn’t care about the bad service, and just bought the dress I wanted the most. It was a black Donna Karan dress, that looked very much like this dress, though it’s not the exact one, and it was way more expensive…

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Walking home with my new dress in a fancy shopping bag, I thought about the movie Pretty Woman, and her sassy comeback to the stores that had been rude to her.

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His Reaction

Showing him how I looked in my new dress was the best part, and it made me forget the negative reactions I had earlier that day. Those ladies at the stores are not important, he is. He always sees me as a girlfriend, a mom, and a woman. But to show him the Classy side of me, was important to me.

2013-09-03 10.34.59.jpg“Glowing Up”

The dress is still my favorite for those special occasions where a formal dress is appropriate. I am still eager to create a more classy version of my self. Much of it is probably because of my little personal fight with prejudices against tattoos. I love tattoos. My tattoos make me feel confident, decorated, beautiful and powerful. They are my pieces of jewelry.

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I am sick of the way many people still think that heavily tattooed people are criminals or mentally insane. My main goal is to show the world that tattoos are art, and the body is just another canvas. That’s why I always try making tattoos that are super pretty and has that Wow-effect.

Have you ever been judged by being tattooed? Comment below!

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