15 Stupid things people say to Tattooed people

As a tattooed person, I do get a lot of the same question or remark from people, from both strangers and people I know. I have asked around, to hear what other tattooed people say about this. Don’t get me wrong here. The title says 15 stupid things, not stupid people. I am not saying that people who have said this are stupid, just for the record… This is my list of the 15 most stupid things people say to tattooed people:

1. Is it real?

Of course, it’s real. I don’t just draw on all of these heavily detailed images every day with a magic marker.

2. Can I touch it?

Absolutely not.  This is by far the rudest thing a person can ask. Just because I have tattoos doesn’t mean you can touch me because of it. Do you really walk around touching people and their skin?

15 Stupid things people say to Tattooed people - ElectricLinda.net

3. What does it mean?

Tattoos can have a lot of personal meaning to a person. If you don’t know them well enough, don’t ask them.

4. What happens when you grow old?

The same thing as with everyone else, I will look older, only way cooler.

15 Stupid things people say to Tattooed people - ElectricLinda.net

5. What do your parents think of your tattoos?

My parents think I am an adult who can make my own life decisions. But if you must know, they think my tattoos are pretty badass.

15 Stupid things people say to Tattooed people - ElectricLinda.net

6. What will your kids think of your tattoos?

Well, I actually teach my kids not to judge a book by its cover.

7. I don’t like tattoos

Did I really ask for your opinion? Even if you follow up those sentences with “… but yours is cool”, it feels like there was some serious initial judgment going on.

15 Stupid things people say to Tattooed people - ElectricLinda.net

8. How will you hide them when you want to dress up formally/for your wedding?

I actually like shopping for clothes that will accentuate my tattoos, especially if I get the chance to dress nicely. If I have them, why would I want to cover them up?

15 Stupid things people say to Tattooed people - ElectricLinda.net

09. Do you have any others you can show me, or any in hidden places?

Ew. This is just gross. Why should I tell you if I have a hidden tattoo? If I do happen to have a cupcake tattooed on my ass the random stranger at the bar is by far the last person to get to know about it.

10. I’ve always wanted a tattoo but don’t know what I want.

That means you don’t really want a tattoo. You should check out the 7 things you need to know before getting tattooed.

15 Stupid things people say to Tattooed people - ElectricLinda.net

11. Did it hurt?

There are several needles puncturing the skin in high speed. Yes, of course, it hurts, but it´s not really an issue, because it´s so totally worth it in the end.

12. How much did you pay for it?

Unless you’re seriously considering going to my artist, don’t ask.  Good tattoos are expensive and people who don’t realize that usually follow up with “Why would you spend that much on a tattoo?”  Well, because I’m planning on having it on my body for the rest of my life and will always want to enjoy looking at good work rather than cheap work.

15 Stupid things people say to Tattooed people - ElectricLinda.net

13. Want to see mine?

Showing someone your tattoo is fine if it’s relevant to the conversation, but usually if I’m not interested or not asking, I don’t really care. Also, this is a line a lot of non-tattooed people have said to me jokingly.  It’s not funny and comes off way ruder than what was probably intended.

14. Are you addicted to getting tattooed?

No. I’m a collector. Tattoos are luxurious pieces of jewelry, not Heroin.

15. But you are really pretty/handsome

Was that a compliment or an insult? Thanks, and no thanks?

15 Stupid things people say to Tattooed people - ElectricLinda.net

What is the most stupid thing anyone has ever said to you about your tattoos? Comment below!

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4 thoughts on “15 Stupid things people say to Tattooed people

  1. Love the blog. Good information !!
    Thank you for answering all of those questions every stranger wants to ask 😁

  2. “You WILL regret that when you are older” “How do you think thats gonna look like when you’re in a nursing home?” Comment from hospital-nurse: “So you’re just gonna die in an accident because we cant find visible vains?”

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