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Tattoo pricing

So how much for a sleeve? Why are tattoos so expensive? How much does a tattoo cost? But the place down the road, they could do it cheaper. In this video, I want to talk about pricing tattoos.

So some artists charge set prices for their tattoos. So this will be this amount, no matter how much time it’s going to take to do it or whatever. The price varies from several things. It is the artist’s experience, reputation, the tattoos placement, the size, the use of colors, or details, the use of our equipment or inks or products. Is the design included or is it just a copy/paste Google picture? We often look at the total worth of the tattoos. So all of these assets are included when dealing with prices.

Tattoo Pricing - How much for a tattoo?

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The other way of doing this

is by having an hourly rate. And that means that you will pay the tattoo artists for every hour that he or she is tattooing you. The hourly rates are often set from the artist´s experience, reputation, the artists speed because, if you are a very slow artist, you can’t have a high hourly rate. Because then a tattoo will be extremely expensive and more expensive than a normal total worth.

And then again, some artists do a combination of this and kind of calculate their hourly rate and make a full day session price or a half day session price. So that you know approximately what it’s going to cost to sit there the whole day. Even if it’s, you know, five hours, six, seven.. Some artists work only like four, five hours in a day. Some work 10, 11, 12 hours in a day. But it depends also on the client, the placement, the motive, and on and on.

But how much does a sleeve cost?

Well, a sleeve could be just a few dots down the arm. And you can probably get a sleeve for practically nothing. And then you can have a sleeve which is fully detailed. Lots of colors, lots of work put in there. And it’s going to take time to do it. And it’s not done in a day. It’s not done in a week. You have to have several full-day sessions, maybe twice a month or every week, depending on your wallet and your budget and then a sleeve will take months or even up to a year to make and it will cost because it’s not a big sticker that we can just put on you.

Tattoo Pricing - How much for a tattoo?

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Why does a tattoo cost that much?

Well, as soon as you just walk into a tattoo shop and you sit down in a tattoo artist chair, most of the artists have kind of a starting price, a minimal price. That’s just to sit in the chair and have the materials and the equipment put up there, ready to tattoo you. That has a starting price because all of that equipment and materials needed, they all cost quite a lot because we need papers and gloves and ink and plastic and ointments and you name it.

And then you have the machinery and the needles so everything costs quite a bit. Just to let you sit in the station has the starting price. That’s why often the minimum price just to get a little minimum dot. You know, I just want this one freckle. That will cost because of all this equipment that we need to get started.

And you have to also keep in mind

that the tattoo you’re getting has a lot of preparation before you’re getting tattooed. as well. It is the design, first of all, you have probably a consultation and find out where the tattoo is going. How big, color or black and gray, details, style, everything. And the artist has to design this and make this a perfect looking tattoo for you and plan it from the beginning. And that takes time. It takes the experience to make this good and awesome on you. And that’s worth a lot. And then it’s the preparations from the design to the actual starting tattooing.

Tattoo Pricing - How much for a tattoo?

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We have to make stencils.

We have to place it try it, maybe do another one, you know, clean it off. Put another stencil on, move it a little bit. You know that takes time. It takes equipment, it takes experience. This is also preparation that we need to charge for. Some artists actually charge like maybe half hourly rate for this or it’s included in the tattoo price. Maybe in the set price. It’s often included in the set price, but it’s often not included if you have an hourly rate. Then you will pay something for this preparation as well.

That’s why a lot of artists do these kinds of day session prices because then you don’t have to time the breaks or the going to check out the tattoo in the mirrors. You can just tattoo and take the time that you need and you have a day price.

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If you have any comments for this, if you’re an artist, please comment on how you usually rate your tattoos or price your tattoos. Do you use an hourly rate? Do you have a set price? Comment below. It would be cool to hear what other artists do as well.

I hope to see you later. Thanks for watching.

Tattoo Pricing - How much for a tattoo?

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