So, what have we done lately?
Since we started this blog, we had a great deal of viewers, especially on the Octopus Diary, which will be followed up very soon.
We are going to have updates, info and gossip a couple of times every week, so check back every now and then to see what’s new around here.
Sketch is doing very well these days, he is a hard worker, and his work is getting better and better. Just take a look at this beautiful ornament he made on a girl on her wrist. 
He has been visiting Lucky 7 in Oslo for a week now, and will be back at Attitude tomorrow. We have missed him dearly, I must say. 
Blue ornament by Sketch
Robin has gone back to Sweden to visit family and friends for christmas, and will be back in the beginning of january. But just before he left he started on this very cool upper sleeve, which is gonna be awesome when it’s done. 
Japanese project in progress by Robin
Candy and Liam
We’re still waiting for Candy to come back. She is, as you may know, at home with their little darling Liam, and will be back during next spring, which also is the time for us to move the studio. Yes, we have to find something bigger, cause the crew is growing fast these days.
“Frida” by Linn (pencil on A4 paper)
Linn is waiting to start tattooing. And I think – no, I know, that she’s gonna be an awesome tattoo artist one day, so therefore it’s important that she is patient, and suddenly one day it’s her turn to shine.
This is a drawing she did lately, just to show you guys what she’s capable of…
She can draw portraits for you, just send her an email with a nice picture to: with your name and phonenumber.
If there is anything else on your mind, please don’t hesitate to ask us. You can find our individual email addresses on the “Crew” page here on our blog.
Love you guys 🙂

Electric Linda