Amateur Tattoo Artists – “Stick and Poke”

Let’s say you have a toothache. Do you go to the dentist? Or do you go to someone else’s home? Because they bought a kit online? So they want to fix your teeth? Come on. Really? Really? Wow. What’s going on? What are you doing? I’m sorry. I just get so mad about these “stick and poke” tattoos.

I’ve heard about people who go to people’s home and inject stuff in their bodies. For me, that’s so unheard of. Would you? I mean, come on. Would you put something in your body from a non-professional? I’ve seen those “stick and poke” videos on YouTube and like Yes, Do it yourself. DIY Tattoo yourself. What the?

Hair Dye vs Tattoos

I’m not like this hairdresser that is mad because you’re dyeing your hair at home. Because dyeing your hair at home is less dangerous. But injecting ink with a needle under your skin… Because you’re breaking the skin. You’re dealing with blood! You are not educated. So you don’t know what the actual dangers are around this. I made a post about Tattoo Safety – the Risks of uneducated Tattoo Artists.

The stick and poke thing. I just don’t get it. I just don’t understand why you would risk something like this. There are two big issues about stick and poke and tattooing at home. And some guy that just bought a kit online and has a non-professional tattoo shop at home.

Amateur Tattoo Design

Number one, you get a really, really ugly tattoo. This is a nonprofessional artist that is tattooing. I mean, okay. One thing is if they can draw, and maybe they are artists, and they had drawn and painted lots of art. And you’re like, oh, they’re amazing artists. Okay, but how are they with the needle? And the machine and the ink and the other stuff that you need to penetrate the skin and to make permanent art. There are no erasers in tattooing. You have one go, you cannot make mistakes. Do you go to someone that is a non-professional and you sit there and you believe that this person is certain to not make a mistake? And you come home, wake up the next morning with a tattoo? Do you think that’s going to be the best tattoo you could get?

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Is it a beautiful tattoo that you’re going to respect for the rest of your life? Or is it maybe something that you already regret? Still, this is only the one first part of this. You don’t get tattooed at someone’s house or at a non-professional studio or home in a basement. Don’t do that. And you definitely do not stick and poke.

Bacteria electron microscope stained green staphylococcus aureus spheroid methicillin resistant mrsa bacterium white blood cell neutrophil red microscopic health microbiology infection macro bacteria bacteria bacteria bacteria bacteria

Fatal Risks

And there’s another reason for that. Which is way more important because it’s not only that stupid or ugly tattoo that you have to deal with for the rest of your life. It’s also your health, you can get so many bad blood diseases. We’re dealing with blood here. And this needle could be infected from something. You don’t know that. You as a client, you should know that the tattoo artist that is tattooing you is only dealing with new, never used needles and that they are sterile.

They could be new and newly bought. But they could also be infected with something because the package they came in is not sterile. Or it could be they passed the “best before date”. It could be that the ink that was used was infected. Gloves, all the packaging around a tattoo machine, and a tattoo machine can be infected from someone else’s blood.

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Cheap Tattoos? Please…

So if the tattoo artist is not professional and doesn’t know how to protect you from the former clients’ blood then Welcome Hepatitis. Welcome HIV. Welcome, all of those really dangerous blood diseases that will ruin your life and you really want to risk that for a cheaper tattoo? Come on.

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Women's orange and black floral back tattoo


What does your latest couple of shoes cost? Do you own a nice watch?. Do you own a bicycle? You’re not endangering yourself by getting a cheaper pair of shoes or a cheaper bicycle. But you are definitely endangering yourself if you go and get a cheaper tattoo from someone who’s not professional. I mean, it’s your blood. And if you don’t believe me, Google cross-contamination. I want you to know what that means. And if you don’t, please look it up before you go and get tattooed. And the more educated you are before getting tattooed., the safer you are. The more educated your tattoo artist is, the safer you are.

And please Google something called MRSA. I need to read this. It’s Meticillinresistente Staphylococcus aureus. Google the pictures. You can destroy your life, you destroy your skin. You destroy your body and your health just for a cheaper tattoo. Buy a cheaper bike. Buy cheaper shoes. By all means. Buy a cheaper jacket. Tattoos are not something you should be cheap with. And try to save up money for. It’s a luxury for God’s sake. It’s something you save up money for. And you earn it. Do you really want to earn a cheap tattoo in someone’s basement and get MRSA while you’re there?

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Stick and poke, not a good thing, not at all. Please don’t be so stupid. Be safe and save up the money, go to a really good artist that you like and get that dream tattoo and good luck!

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How to get the Perfect Tattoo

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