Some people want to use numbing creams when they get tattooed. Is it safe? Is it good? Is it bad? What numbing creams or sprays do I recommend? I’m going to tell you my point of view of this right now!

I’ve been a tattoo artist for 17 years. I know quite a lot about tattooing, running a tattoo shop, being tattooed, being a tattooed parent, and I really appreciate your questions that have been commented below. So in this video, I want to answer a question from one of you which was

“Which numbing creams or sprays do you like or recommend?”

When I get tattooed, I think I am one of the worst clients that exist. I always have so much pain when I get tattoos. I don’t know if it’s because I’m kind of hypersensitive or something like that. But I do really hurt a lot when I get tattooed. And like you see, I’m almost covered with them. Because for me, it’s like it’s worth it. Yes, it is so painful some places, and some places are okay. But I do feel like being tattooed is one of the most painful things I have been through and I have two children. I gave birth to them. And yes, that is much more painful.

But well, during the years I’ve been tattooed, I think it’s become worse every time. I don’t know if it’s the age. Am I more sensitive now than I used to be when I was younger? I don’t know. But I do know that some places just hurt so much more. I just need to have some numbing cream so that I know that I can go through with it and not need to tap out in the middle of it.

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So my thought around numbing creams

is that those places where you know that it’s going to be one of the most painful places on your entire body, and you know that you will have to stick with it for at least a couple of hours, then it can be worth having some numbing cream on before you start.

Numbing creams often stop working after a few hours, at least the ones that I have tried myself, they worked well for two hours. And then they started to fade out. And some even started to fade out before that because as soon as you start wiping and tattooing on an area that has been covered with numbing cream, you kind of end the numbing process faster because you’re activating the blood and the energy in that skin area.

So the numbing cream will actually stop working faster at the area that you’re starting to tattoo. So what I recommend when using numbing creams is that it’s an area no bigger than maybe a palm size, you should never put more numbing cream than this area because it’s actually not good for your body in general. In big scales, it can be actually highly dangerous for some if you are sensitive. So please don’t put on more than this area with numbing cream.

But when you do put it on, put on a lot.

It’s like when you put face masks on, put on a lot of it, massage it in, put extra on top, wear a plastic foil and wrap it tightly around this area so that no air gets in or out. So that the numbing cream is forced into the skin and has nowhere else to go.

And what I’ve learned is that numbing creams work very well on soft body areas. Like my belly. My belly is not tight and skinny and bony. It’s very soft. It’s a soft area with skin and meat. So numbing creams will work very well on those soft places. But those thin areas where you have thin skin and close to the bone, it will not work. Hands, fingers, feet, knees, elbows, ribs, they will not work as well on those places as the more fleshy places because the numbing cream needs that flesh to soak into. If you have a thin skin, like the top of your foot, the skin is so much thinner, so you have less flesh to hold on to for that numbing cream.

[bctt tweet=”Hands, fingers, feet, knees, elbows, ribs, they will not work as well on those places as the more fleshy places because the numbing cream needs that flesh to soak into.” username=”electric_linda”]

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Numbing Creams for a totally painless Tattoo

And let’s talk about different numbing creams.

There are probably more numbing creams out there that I ever heard of. So you have to figure out which ones are better or worse, you should get a numbing cream that is trusted by the tattoo artists so that they can say that they have used this before or they have some experience with this. Maybe they sell some numbing creams that you can buy. My personal favorite is super numb. I have used it for several years. I think it’s a good cream, I put it on like one to two hours before getting tattooed. And it will last for about two hours.

So if I would get tattooed for a bigger area than this, I would try to divide it into pieces. But that’s just me. I can’t take many hours in a session. But if you can take more hours than I do, and you booked a big session, you have a full day with a tattoo artist. And this is a spot that you might want to have numbing cream on, ask the artist, of course, maybe they have some spray or some gel that they can put on during.

Because I do that, if a client books at full day and this is a painful session, then I can prepare them with this and tell them, we’re going to start with this area. So they can wrap this up with numbing cream. Then we can go from there, and we can wrap up the next spot as we go. We have to plan step by step because we can also use sprays and we have gels.

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I have used the Hush gel a bit

I think that’s very good, actually. It works kind of well if you already tattooed a full area, you can also water tattoo, where you open the skin so that it’s a big wound, but you don’t really tattoo it, you just open the skin with the machine and the needles. So it’s a big wound and you can put the gel on or the spray which is even better actually. The Vasocaine spray, I love that one, its a really good spray but you need to put it on open skin. It does not work on normal skin before tattooing. So that’s what I usually do.

I think in general you should be able to be tattooed without numbing names. Because you can react on numbing creams. Some skin can actually become somewhat like a sponge. You know, spongy skin when you get the numbing cream on. So many artists are not very much fans of the numbing creams.

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So you should always ask first because they can be very against it and they will not be happy if you put numbing cream on before you come in without asking them first. So do that. But in my point of view, numbing creams are awesome when it comes to smaller but more painful areas, especially tummy’s, they’re perfect.

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What are your thoughts?

Have you tried a numbing cream? Did it work? What was it called? Can you name one that you liked? Help each other out here and come with names of super numbing creams that you’ve actually used and liked.

So I will see you next time.

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