My TOP 10 favorite YouTubers right NOW (2019)!

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I got the question on Instagram: «What are some of your favorite YouTube channels?» so I thought I would answer that right here on my blog!

Youtubers 2019

When I get the time to watch videos on youtube, it’s mostly videos by creators who give me great value. I subscribe to quite a few YouTubers, and not just tattoo-related ones. I also enjoy getting inspiration for the business, video creating, entrepreneurship, art, beauty, and entertainment. 

At the moment, I consider these my top 10 favorite creators on Youtube for the entire year of 2019:


Everyone knows Gary Vee these days! He is everywhere! Crushing it, and showing you how to crush it! If you want inspiration and motivation to build your personal brand, YT channel, sell products, make money, grow on social media, he is the number one guy to follow right now.

Treacle Tatts

She is such a cute and funny tattoo enthusiast, creating videos mostly about tattoos. I get a lot of inspiration from her channel! She provides videos including Reacting to tattoos, tattoo etiquettes, tattoo advice, tattoo gossip and much more! She is entertaining, educational and very inspirational for those who like tattoos!

Peter McKinnon

The one you want to become! The professional photographer who made a youtube channel that blew up to one of the biggest channels ever! He makes me want to become a photographer! I watch his videos to educate myself in video stuff, editing, camera gear and all that. He is truly a God for those who need images and videos to show off their stuff online!


Inked has made a lot of videos similar to what I was hoping to make. They just do it bigger and better, but that is so inspiring. Interviewing amazing tattoo artists from around the world, with great questions, amazing studio and super nice editing. Great entertainment for all!


Sorelle is such a beautiful human being, with the biggest smile ever. She helps you to feel “good enough” with her minimalistic, simple life approach, and tips for self-esteem and much more. I am totally in love with her self portrait photography videos.

Anrijs Straume Tattoo

One of the first tattoo artists I could find on Youtube, that actually talk to the camera. His wife Monami Frost and their daughter also has their

Video Influencers

These guys, Benji and Sean, who also have their separate channels, are so dedicated to helping YouTubers, influencers and content creators with their guides, tips, and tricks.

Brad Mondo

He is such an adorable little hairdresser, doing his thing, which really inspires me to make more content. He is funny, sweet and pro, and always makes me feel lighter and happier when I watch his videos.

Vaness Lau

I get so motivated and inspired by this girl, not only in what she is delivering, but also the way she does it. She is organized, clean and polished, but also sweet and sugary in a girlie but bossy way. A true GirlBoss to follow, for any woman who wants to go for it!

Sierra Schultzzie

Sierra is such a self-esteem booster, this cute girl with some extra kilos who tries outfits, laughs, and makes fun of herself, but in a good way… She is a reminder of natural women who are real and true to themselves and the rest of the world, despite the “norm” on how to look on Instagram and so on…

Those were my favorites as of right now. I hope you got some new channels to check out, and I hope you can enjoy them as much as I do.

See ya later, folks!

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