Let me Mentor You!

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When I started tattooing in 2000, the Internet was just a newborn baby. Facebook and Instagram weren’t even born, not even MySpace. I was lucky to get my apprenticeship in a Tattoo Shop and have a Mentor to teach me all the basics in tattooing and the business. But everything changes over time. Maybe not that much in tattooing itself, but technology, machines, supply quality and maybe the biggest one, the ways of promoting yourself as a tattoo artist.

If you don’t quite know me, or what I do, here are som Tattoos I have made:

I love tattooing. I have been tattooing for almost 20 years, and I hope I will be able to tattoo for many more years. But I also love teaching. In High School, I was often asked by my fellow students to help them out, because they liked the way I taught them my tricks. My grades in Art were always on top, and I always understood the assignments. So back then I sort of decided that I someday wanted to teach in arts.

I have traveled around the world and won over 50 international Tattoo Awards. And during my years of tattooing, I have held several Tattoo Workshops, Tattoo Seminars, and Drawing Courses, both in the studio and at Tattoo Conventions. I truly love it and hope to do more of those in the future… But as some of you already know, I have some issues with my lower back, and my knee, and am waiting for surgery. Now I am pregnant, and am on sick leave, because it’s hard to actually tattoo at this time. So, to spend my time on something I love, and hopefully, make into a part-time career in the future, I am now teaching tattoo artists online.

After a lot of research on how to actually do this in an orderly manner online, I have finally joined the Mentorly Team, and became a Gold Member of their registered Mentors, because of my 19 years of professional experience. In case you have never heard of Mentorly, it is an online Mentorship Platform for Artists especially.

I copied the Sign-Up instructions from their website, to show how easy it is:

So how does a Session with me work?

Well, as the steps above say, you simply sign up for free, and then reach out by booking a paid video call session with me. When you book it, you can write your specific thoughts, questions and whatever you want me to teach/show you, and I will prepare for the video call, which then will be held through the platform. We can talk for 30 or 60 minutes, which is totally up to you.

Ideas for topics:

  • Tattoo Techniques
  • Tattoo Safety
  • Tattoo Color Theory
  • Portrait Tattoos
  • Coverup Tattoos
  • Productive Consultations
  • Anatomy & Placements
  • Digital Planning & Designing
  • Fast and Perfect Stenciling
  • Taking Good photos of fresh tattoos
  • Editing photos
  • Online Portfolio
  • Promoting yourself online
    and much more…

So go on! Take a look at Mentorly right NOW! Hope to see you there!

My direct link: https://mentorly.co/mentors?m=electriclinda

Everything changes over time. Maybe not that much in tattooing itself, but technology, machines, supply quality and maybe the biggest one, the ways of promoting yourself as a tattoo artist. - Let me mentor you!

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