How long is your waitlist?

Normally, I book 3 months in advance. But booking updates can vary. See latest booking update HERE.

How do I book an appointment with you?

If you want to book an appointment with me, you will need to register to the Waitlist.

Is it possible to move or cancel an appointment?

Absolutely! Up until 48 hours before your appointment, you can move or cancel it. You just call the shop at +4722201313. But remember to do so, because if you forget to move or cancel the appointment, I will send you an invoice.


What are your prices?

Please see my full price list HERE.

Do you take deposits?

No. Should you not show up for a tattoo session, I will send you an invoice. I will charge you 1000,- per hour. Full price if you booked a Portrait.

What types of payments do you accept?

I accept Norwegian Debet Cards, which is preferred. Otherwise I can also accept Vipps or Cash.


What is a tattoo consultation?

A tattoo consultation is a talk in the studio with a tattoo artist, planning the next tattoo.


Tattoo Sessions

How should I prepare for a tattoo session?

There are several ways to prepare for a tattoo session. I have written a blog post about it HERE.

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Stretchmarks

Is it safe to get tattooed while pregnant?

There is no clear documented answer to whether it is completely safe or not, but I explain all the risks in this BLOG POST and in this VIDEO.

Travels & Events

Do you ever travel to the United States?

I haven’t been traveling anything lately because of my own health and family. But I love the States, and hope I will be able to travel there again in the future.

Becoming a Tattoo Artist

How do I become a Tattoo Artist?

Long story short, first of all, you need to work on having a solid portfolio that shows that you have a talent for drawing. Dont think too much on what is expected, consentrate on drawing what you love to draw. Like in any business, niches are totally fine. So dont try to be «Tattoo artist apprentice material», just be you. My saying is «You cant tattoo what you cant draw». When you have a portfolio that you are proud of, you can start contacting the studio you want to work at. Do some research on studios in your area, check them out and follow your heart and gut. I made a VIDEO.