Booking Update: Waitlist 2019

Since my last update, I dont really have more information about the surgeries, but I do have even more pain. So, I will not take any more bookings for now. Online Waitlist Instead, I have made an online Waitlist, where you can sign up. If you have issues with the form below, you can find […]


I am having Surgeries? Updated Booking Info!

A lot of you are waiting for my appointment book to open up. I am very thankful for your patience, cause mine is almost running out… Long story short… As some of you know, I have started a health-related journey to become pain-free. After several years with the wrong diagnosis, I learned that my knee […]


Booking is Open! - Updated Info og Terms.

I’m as you know still in maternity leave, but I am planning to have graded leave from mid-November and work 50%. Booking is now open! The booking is now open for November and December. The reception at Attitude will then open for January in November, February in December, etc., similar to all other tattoo artists in […]


Booking - Oppdatert info om min sykemelding og permisjon

Hallo i sommervarmen! Nå er jeg i uke 32 i svangerskapet, og har ca 2 måneder igjen til termin. Her kommer en liten oppdatering på min booking for resten av 2018. 100% Sykemeldt Jeg har hatt en forverring i bekkenet siden sist legebesøk, da smertene har spredd seg til forsiden. Det gjør at det føles […]