Booking is Open! – Updated Info og Terms.

I’m as you know still in maternity leave, but I am planning to have graded leave from mid-November and work 50%.

Booking is now open!

The booking is now open for November and December. The reception at Attitude will then open for January in November, February in December, etc., similar to all other tattoo artists in the studio. Booking dates forward will be sent via Newsletter from for those who have signed up.

Started projects with me will be prioritized.

If you want a portrait, there is always a shorter waiting time, as it is relatively fast and thus it’s easy to find time for this in the appointment book. Portraits do not need a consultation. If you want a bigger project like a backpiece or a sleeve, you need a consultation in the studio first.

I really want to keep myself updated within my profession and continue to develop. Therefore, I have got some inspiration for new things I want to do in the future, as well as the usual portraits and coverups. Check out the Pinterest Board: I want to tattoo these! I will tattoo them for a very nice price!

I really want to do, and will prioritize:

⚡️ Gigantic tattoos

I want to make big tattoos, which cover a whole back, whole front, or even bigger. Remember, I work very efficiently, so a great tattoo does not have to take as many hours as you might think. I have a lot of ideas for designs, but also accept your own wishes. Anyway, it will be completely unique and specially made for you.

Backpiece and sleeve by me

⚡️ Comics

I’ve previously created a Star Wars Comic Sleeve, and a Batman Comic Sleeve. I really want to make more of this genre. Looks amazing in large format.

Batman Comic sleeve I made

⚡️ Advanced Portraits

By advanced I mean technical challenging portraits. Like portraits with extreme wrinkles, detailed sunglasses, neon effects, fun angles, glorious facial expressions, geometric laser beams and so much more. It’s just the creativity that stops us.


So, just contact the studio with the request form on and get an appointment.



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