Don't try to find Yourself, Create Yourself!

I have been searching for myself for many years. Thinking I will find the person I truly am, but maybe didn’t know it yet. Or was I looking for a smarter, better version of myself? Then I read somewhere “Don’t try to find yourself, Create Yourself.” This motto took my breath away and is totally my […]


Booking Update: Waitlist 2019

Since my last update, I dont really have more information about the surgeries, but I do have even more pain. So, I will not take any more bookings for now. Online Waitlist Instead, I have made an online Waitlist, where you can sign up. If you have issues with the form below, you can find […]


I am having Surgeries? Updated Booking Info!

A lot of you are waiting for my appointment book to open up. I am very thankful for your patience, cause mine is almost running out… Long story short… As some of you know, I have started a health-related journey to become pain-free. After several years with the wrong diagnosis, I learned that my knee […]