#BlackGreyNovember – Instagram November Challenge

To me, November has always been a moody time. Sometimes depressing even. I live in Norway, and the sun sets at 16:20 (4:20 PM) at the beginning of November and 15:20 (3:20 PM) at the end of November. That means that when we have dinner, it´s pitch black outside of the window. The darkness can really make a person depressed. Along with missing the sunlight, there is usually a lot of wind or rain or cold as well, as the typical autumn weather.

#BlackGreyNovember - Instagram November Challenge

New Plan

Usually, I just block myself from the outside world and rot inside the apartment, playing video games or binge-watching Netflix series. But this year I have a different plan in mind. Something that could teach me to appreciate the month of November in a brand new way. I am such a true color addict. I love colors so much. Its such a big part of who I am, and what I do, especially in my work as a tattoo artist. My color use is definitely my specialty.

#BlackGreyNovember - Instagram November Challenge


But the colors of the autumn is fading, and the grey tones of nature are growing into artistic contrasts, like black branches on a white sky. And since I am such an Instagram Feed Nerd, why not just make it into a Theme challenge? It’s my first time ever doing an Instagram challenge, so why not just make my own? In the entire November, every day I will post a picture in black and grey that shows beauty. I am going to do this to show my self and others that there can be beauty and happiness even if there’s no color.

#BlackGreyNovember - Instagram November Challenge

Would you like to join me?

It would be awesome to see your photos, maybe we can all inspire each other. Just use the hashtag #blackgreynovember and post at least one photo in black and grey every day in November. I am starting it all tomorrow. Are you?

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Have a happy November!

#BlackGreyNovember - Instagram Theme Challenge
#BlackGreyNovember by @electriclinda.life

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