I do get quite a lot of questions here and there on Social Media, and since I can´t get the time to answer all questions everywhere, I have made this question Portal, to collect your questions, so I can answer them in bulk. Before you enter your questions, please see my answers below. Maybe it’s right here…

Tattoo Questions

If you want to book a personal consultation in the studio with a tattoo artist at my shop, just use the request form at attitude.no

Unfortunately I don’t offer online consultations as those are reserved for my clients, so if you have a specific question you are more than welcome to ask below and I'll add it to the list of free resources I do on Youtube. Maybe you can find some answers in my video on Coverups?

I also do collect tattoos online to edit them in future YouTube videos. Check out more info about that HERE.

Best of luck!

When you send a request to Attitude Tattoo Studio, and you get the response to book appointments specifically with me, you can book a consultation in the studio to show me your tattoo. I do not take online consultations, but I do collect tattoos online to edit them in future YouTube videos. Check out more info about that HERE.

Haha, funny question! How much is a house? Or a car? But honestly, a sleeve is not easy to predict the price for. It depends on many things, like: The size of your arm, Color use, Amount of Details, Style, Tattoo Artist Speed, Studio and Artist Reputation and Demand, Your Skin, Your aftercare, and many more… So a sleeve usually cost somewhere between 5000 to 150000 NOK (around 500 to 15000 dollars) 

You could also check out my price list HERE.

I would recommend waiting with any shaving on a new tattoo until it has healed for at least 3-4 weeks. However, I do not recommend shaving on tattoos too often. I think shaving can give a dotty effect in the skin where the tattoo is, leaving it to look like it has light small spots on it. For hair removal on tattoos, I actually recommend epilators or waxing.

Business Questions

Well, without seeing your portfolio and having an interview, I can’t offer you an apprenticeship in my shop, but I do have educational content for tattoo artists and apprentices on my PATREON. You can watch my educational videos, and sign up for one on one mentoring if you wish.

I know many tattoo artists that are quite «territorial» and actually feel like they own your body parts once they tattooed you, but I do not agree with them. It is YOUR body, YOUR life and YOUR tattoos. So I don’t understand why I should be annoyed if someone else tattooed you!

I am usually fully booked for several months ahead, and I often have clients traveling quite far. So I always kind of need to be in the mood, at least enough to be able to be highly creative every single day. It is almost like being a performing artist that has shows booked. You can’t NOT do the show because you’re not in the mood. You would lose your job.

Personal Questions

I have actually made a video about it. I hope it will answer your question. If you want more support from me when it comes to getting in to the business, then consider joining my Patreon for tattoo education and business advice: https://www.patreon.com/electriclinda

Best of luck!

I truly love challenges. I enjoy difficult projects. Realism and Vibrant colors are within my comfort zone, so when Color Realism Tattoos turn more advanced by adding textures and effects (wrinkles, glasses, lights etc), the tattoo is really fun for me. I also like freehand challenges when I «remix» old tattoos. Before/after photos are so satisfying to me! I have a Pinterest album called «I really want to tattoo these» Check it out!

Awesome question, thank you! I am a mother of three, so the mom-life takes a big place in my life now. But I do love my hobbies. They are all creative and nerdy, like Drawing, Painting, making Music, singing, filming, making videos, photography, Blogging, designing websites and more. I do get problems prioritizing sometimes since I have way too much ambition, too many hobbies and so little spare time. I am never bored!

Oh yes, I thought about web designing, graphic designer, illustrator, hairdresser, stylist, and musician (I wanted to be a pop star for such a long time). I did have a few other jobs before I started tattooing, like bartender, karaoke hostess, gas station clerk, hairdresser apprentice, computer game shop clerk, a telemarketer and more...

I do not tour at all at the moment. I traveled a lot before, both in Norway and international. At the moment I really need to focus on my health, my family and the studio. When all those elements are in balance, I would like to travel a bit again. Have no idea where, but I will let everyone know when I do!

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