All of these prices are in Norwegian Kroner (NOK)



Consultation: Free

Design: from 1500,-

Prep time : 1000,-/h 


For Portraits I charge fixed prices, according to size, placement and color use. The minimums are:

1 in black/grey: from 7000,-

2 in black/grey: from 10500,-

3 in black/grey: from 14000,-

1 in colors: from 9000,-

2 in colors: from 13500,-

Hourly Rates 

For larger projects going over several sessions or days, I will charge hourly rates. The reason my price is higher than most others is that I work very efficiently and quick. That means that the total price of a sleeve or whole back by me is often about the same as with another tattoo artist in Norway. I charge 2300,- per hour. 

Session Prices 

I charge by the hour even if you book a half or full day, but should the appointment be terminated earlier by the customer ’ s own reasons, I will charge a minimum price for the time that was set up.

Minimum for 1/2 day (3,5 h): 5000,- 

Minimum for 1 day (7 h): 10000,- 

No Shows 

You are allowed to cancel and postpone appointments, but this must be done no later than 48 hours before the appointment. Should you forget to call the studio at 22201313 to cancel or reschedule, I will bill you: 

Sessions: 1000,- per hour 

Portraits: Full price 

If you do not show up for a consultation, you will lose all scheduled sessions for the tattoo if you do not call in advance and set up a new consultation right away.

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